Où manger ?

To eat

​Gourmet adresses

Try some regional, high quality products made by our local craftsmen, bakers, confectioners, butchers or fishermen. Check out the list of local partners below on the website of the tourist information center. The craftsmen of Sarreguemines and its region, constantly seeking to ensure the highest standards of quality in their products, will offer you a different way to get to know this region. You should also take part in the thematic evenings organized by the restaurateurs of the region

Traditionnal restaurants

Are you looking for a traditional restaurant in Sarreguemines and the greater area? Come discover the traditional French cuisine and specialties of Lorraine at our traditional restaurants. In the list of the traditional restaurants below, you can find the perfect traditional restaurant to spend a good time with your family or friends or just for a good meal during your lunch break.

Gastronomic restaurants

Would you like to eat at a gourmet restaurant in Sarreguemines or its region? Check out the list of the gourmet restaurants and try the gourmet cuisine of Lorraine in an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. The restaurants, some of them are even Michelin-starred, will offer you excellent food. You can find the gourmet restaurants in Sarreguemines and its region on the website of the tourism information center.


​Restaurants with foreign specialities

Are you looking for something exotic while being in Sarreguemines? Check out the list below of restaurants that offer foreign cuisine! Whether you’re looking for Italian, Oriental or Asian food, the website of the tourist information center Sarreguemines will help you to find a restaurant for a culinary journey. There certainly are some international restaurants that will indulge your taste buds

Terroir restaurants

Are you interested in eating something typical for this region? The partner restaurateurs and craftsmen will share their passion with you about taste and regional products, combined with a large dose of talent.

Awaken your senses and profit from the campaign “Destinations Terroirs”.

Coffee-shops and cafeteria

If you are on the hunt for a cup of coffee or a snack, our cafés and coffee shops are the right choice. Here is the list of all the cafés and coffee shops in Sarreguemines and its region