Our quality commitment



  1. 1-     Greet the customers in a personalised manner and with professionalism.

    2-      Propose a reception area adapted to everyone.

    3-      Offer a quick and efficient face-to-face or distance receipt (telephone, post or e-mail).

    4-      Broadcast reliable and precise information 24 hours a day about the City and the Conurbation Community Sarreguemines Confluences thanks to regular updating.

    5-      Organise adequate stays for the customers.

    6-      Commercialise high quality touristic products to promote the City and the surroundings.

    7-      Enhance the local and regional identity thanks to articles displayed in our shop.

    8-      Measure customer’s satisfaction thanks to satisfaction surveys and a suggestion notebook in our office.

    9-      Improve in a permanent manner the quality of the receipt, our performances and the products.  

          Chair                                                      Head
          Jean-Claude Undreiner                              Annick Berner